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Amadou Issa Bore portrait

Amadou Issa Bore

Le Modulor / AUA / CEO

Amadou Issa Bore is an Architect native of the region of Timbuktu in Mali. He graduated from the Higher School of Building and Public Works of Kharkiv, Ukraine in 1990. Returning to Mali after graduation, he was hired as a junior consultant for the UN Development Programme as part of the “National Strategy of Housing”. This strategy has helped rehabilitate slums in Bamako by providing them with basic social infrastructures.

In 1992, Bore founded the architectural firm le Modulor and where he serves as CEO.  le Modulor has won several competitions in architecture in the West African sub-region. From 2005 to 2009, Bore served as President of the Ordre des Architectes du Mali and was one of the initiators and animators of the West African panel of experts for the harmonization of the texts governing the profession of architecture. He frequently consults for governmental authorities to create better policy for access to decent housing.

Amadou Issa Bore currently sits as Vice President of the Africa Union of Architects (AUA) where he is developing strategies for the definition of the continuing education program (CPD) for African Architects, as well as the implementation of several Green Building Councils on the continent.

Bore is a fervent defender of the architectural and cultural heritage of Africa, and is the founder and editor of the magazine le constructeur He has written several articles on architecture in tropical areas, especially on rural housing policy and medium-sized cities in Africa with particular emphasis on the stabilized banco as alternative housing. Other articles he has written include Reflections on Architecture in Mali and Timbuktu of my Dreams.