Julie Payette and Pénélope Fortin

v2com newswire / Partner and Co-Founder / Public Relations & Communications

Julie dedicated her whole career to promoting architecture and design talents around the world. As an international media relations specialist in design, she has cumulated more than twenty years of experience in promoting their projects and products. She built an impressive international network of contacts in architecture, design and lifestyle from 1999 to now. With vigour, enthusiasm and the support from her communications team, she is now focused on developing v2com and expand its media and professional network as well as increase its internationality.
Pénélope is head of international media relations and communications at v2com newswire since 2013. Promoting the talent of designers and architects all around the world is her greatest motivation. After completing her university studies in interior design and wanting to work behind the scenes, she began her career in event production, managing local design trade shows and award competitions. Bringing great creativity and infectious enthusiasm to her work, Pénélope leads media relations and communications while contributing to the development of the v2com newswire.
A partner in the media success of designers and architects for 30 years, v2com is the international newswire distributing in one click the latest projects to +6,700 publications in +97 countries. v2com is the easiest and fastest way to get published in the most prestigious design and architecture publications around the world.