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On the situation in Ukraine

March 17, 2022

The Architecture MasterPrize would like to express its full support to the Ukrainian people and its architects, designers, other creatives and their loved ones, and firmly condemn the Russian government and its military aggression against Ukraine.

Our thoughts go out to all the innocent people of Ukraine, who are suffering from this destruction and violence.

At AMP we have been working with the belief that art and architecture should be an international common denominator, something that connects us humans rather than divides. However due to the dire situation it has been decided that we will not welcome official Russian delegations nor accept the presence or award nomination of projects linked to the Russian government, or any person or organizations that have showed their support of this unacceptable war.

We would like to also salute the courage of all those Russians who stand up against their government and have taken risks to protest and show their disapproval against the invasion of Ukraine. We would like to particularly acknowledge the more than 6500 architects and designers from all fields who courageously publicly signed an open letter condemning the war in Ukraine. The AMP will stay open to those individuals and companies who demonstrate against the unacceptable decision to invade another country and subject its citizens to brutal violence. AMP is open to anyone who is against the russian regime’s aggressive attitude, and stands on the side of peace, liberty and humanity.

As long as the war situation persists, the AMP rejects any kind of engagement with individuals or companies supporting this war, and does not accept architectural projects of any kind that have been supported or financed by the Russian government.

The AMP team is following the situation in Ukraine with great concern, and hopes that peace will be restored shortly, and the unnecessary suffering and death will cease to happen.