Ekhtiarieh Tower

Lead DesignerReza Mafakher
PrizeArchitectural Design / Tall Buildings

Ekhtiyarieh tower is a commercial project located adjacent to Ekhtiyarieh square in Tehran. The 9 floors underground has designed for parking area, 4 upper floors for commercial purpose including hypermarket, shopping center and the other 27 floors dedicated to residential units. In the design process of this building, pure geometry and site location was two key factors has been considered. Due to this considerations a triangular shape has been created with the most adaptability on the site. To emphasize on the shape of Ekhtiyarieh square, one of the triangle apexes has been placed on square sides. The openings between the walls of prism shape tower has the ability for ventilation and directing the natural light into the building. In addition, the triangle formed tower has enough stability beside its dynamic and attractive appearance and it is known as a remarkable landmark for the site.