Folkart Highlife Tower

CompanyAdnan Kazmaoglu Mam
Lead DesignerAdnan Kazmaoğlu
Design Team Muhteşem Atasoy, Turgay Yaz, Nermin Teker, Semiha Kavas, Beril Demirer, Aras Kazmaoğlu, Buğra Asım Tığ, Barış Karslıgil, Dilek Eren
PrizeArchitectural Design / Tall Buildings

The Folkart Highlife Tower is located at the Konak Şaraphane district of Izmir on the upper side of the hill ascending from the Izmir harbor at a point that is dominated by the gulf landscape. This region is the central business district (CBD) that extends from Konak to Bayraklı and is a section with high-rise buildings. The fact that the design program of the building is for a mixed- use complex that will be partially residences, partially offices and a small-scale group of shops, besides designing a building that will be a symbol for Izmir and providing that it will be perceived from all positions in Izmir, it has been constituted with a decision that aims to realize the highest building in Europe. The basic problem of the design was how it could reach an iconic form from a prismatic crystal rational geometry without resorting to constrained forms for the building that would enter into the “super-tall” category. In this sense, we formed the tower by joining the tower with an evaginated module that we obtained by beveling the triangle from the 4 sides and transforming the square prism into a cut pyramid. The mass with a total of 3 modules forms an 80-story tower. The crown section of the tower including the point of the tower is at a height of 400 m. The crown and the spire are a conical steel structure designed as a whole with light laser systems, a corona and antennas.