[J. J. Pan & Partners(JJP) - Advantech Smart Campus - COVER IMG] aerial view / Jeffrey Cheng

Advantech Smart Campus

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs
Firm LocationTaipei, Taiwan
Project locationNew Taipei City, Taiwan
CompanyJ. J. Pan & Partners(JJP)
Lead ArchitectJoshua J. Pan
Design TeamShih-Fang Huang, Chia-Ling Yang, Jason Chen, Tien-Kai Yang, Simon Y.T. Lin, Po-Cheng Wang
ClientAdvantech Co., Ltd.

The Advantech campus consists of three districts – The Technology and Humanities Square features linear stone paving that echoes the architectural expression of the building. The entrance reflecting pond reflects the surrounding environment with a meditation pavilion as an ideal space for the staff and visitors to interact, enjoy and rest. Lastly multi-layered ecological plants with native vegetation attracts native ecology to achieve a sustainable campus park that utilizes the natural context to enhance the urban living environment.