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The general volumetric composition of the PolyCuboid / Photo Credit: ©Stirling Elmendorf

The PolyCuboid

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationHimeji, Japan
CompanyKTX archiLAB
Lead ArchitectTetsuya Matsumoto
Design TeamTetsuya Matsumoto, Motoaki Takeuchi, Farid Ziani

The PolyCuboid is the new headquarter building for TIA, a company that provides insurance services. The first floor was shaped by the limits of the site and the ø700mm water pipe that is crossing the site underground limiting foundation space. The metallic structure dissolves into the diverse blocs of the composition. The pillars and beams vanish from the space syntax, projecting the impression of an object, while also eliminating that of a building. The volumetric design is inspired by TIA’s Logo turning the building itself into an icon representing the company.