Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationBogota, Colombia
CompanyMzz Arquitectura
Lead ArchitectGian Carlo Mazzanti
Design Team EQUIPO PRINCIPAL ARQUITECTURA Arq. Giancarlo Mazzanti Arq. Sebastián Negret Arq. Fredy Fortich Arq. Alberto Aranda Arq. Felipe Pombo Arq. Rocío Lamprea COLABORADORES ARQUITECTURA Arq. César Grisales Arq. Juan Sebastián Muñoz Arq. Lorenza Baroncelli Arq. Marcela Gómez Arq. Freddy Fortich Arq. Julián Gaviria Arq. Juan Manuel Gil Dibujante téncico. Julián Otalora Arq Tecnica. Clara Vila Arq. Trinidad Guzmán Arq. Sebastián Corredor Arq. Daniel Cely Arq. Ana Varona Arq. Manuela Guzmán Arq. Juan Carlos Zúñiga Arq. Dorotea Rojas Arq. Diego Casas Arq. Laura Luque Arq. Juan Sebastián Tocaruncho Arq. Iván Bernal Arq. Maria Sol Echeverry Arq. Patricia Gualteros Arq. Juliana Zambrano PRACTICANTES Kelly Lambale, Fotografía El Equipo Mazzanti Andres Valbuena Alejandro Arango Fredy Fortich
ClientFundación Santa Fe de Bogotá
Project Videohttp://

The building was conceived as an expansion of an existing hospital which values are patient oriented and that has an important iconic image to maintain in the city as a strong institution that sees for the whole wellbeing of Colombia. Brick has characterized the hospital since its beginning; the idea was to represent all of these ideas in a single building that described the hospital´s values as a whole. The project´s main idea is connection. Our comprehension of a metropolitan scale is essential at the moment of thinking of an integral architectonical answer therefore, our proposal looks forward to be a diagonal connector and work as a catalyzer for new flows, activities, human relationships taking healthcare to a whole new level. The building´s image is an important element for the iconic design. Through its materiality and configuration, the façade becomes an element of meanings and functions; it turns into an element of identity, configuring an integral element of the whole campus. This façade allows the use of the brick wall as a membrane that helps to have a semi-private relation with the exterior.