[ARK Associates Limited - The Iceberg - COVER IMG] The Iceberg/ Photography by Amy K Boyd

The Iceberg

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm Location, Hong Kong
CompanyARK Associates Limited
Lead ArchitectWilliam Liu

The Iceberg is a “Ginza” type vertical retail tower in the mega shopping district of TST, Hong Kong. As a new retail landmark, the design seeks to create an iconic shopping destination to attract visitors. The design takes inspiration from the form of an “Iceberg” as a found object. Responding to the step back requirements of the building code, the design creates a faceted façade and sculptural form to engage the surrounding street. Moreover, the façade uses parametrically generated graphics which are printed on the glass using a ceramic ink further to enhance the 3-dimensionality of the form.