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[Ilana Brilovich Photography - Multi textured Interiors - COVER IMG] Multi layered textures in the dining room

Multi textured Interiors

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Architecture Photography / Residential Interior
LocationTel Aviv, Israel
StudioIlana Brilovich Photography
PhotographerIlana Brilovich

A multi layered textured Private house in Israel that has been designed by the architect Oded Halaf and the interior designer Aviva Benari. The house has white classic facade with fined polished details, yet has a custom made, very different and unique design.Its main characterize is the richness in textures and materials that are being changed and transformed in different rhythms and materials according to the different zones in the house. It was important for me to capture this richness of textures, rhythms and ornaments in each frame while exposing the classic plan or costume made details