Vino Neste Khaoyai

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationPhathumtani, Thailand
CompanyTaweecool Architects
Lead ArchitectKhiensak Seangklieng
Design TeamSirichai Thontong, Asawin Rojsanga, Pratin Chanphun
ClientTon Mai Bi Ya

Vino Neste is formerly The 3Khaoyai, the first of hospitality project which approached with research-based design using Low-cost Design Solution(LCDs). Accordingly, owner and research-based architect Professor Khiensak, blended an LCDs resort environment with the integrated design of an unconventional construction process — without a contractor or construction teams. Pratin Chanpun, as a supervisor of the project, contributed his expertise in training the lay people (zero-skill) in the community to be the full-time workers for the project, which means that, from the start, the project is due to save 45% of the cost.