Clear Channel Malmö

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
CompanyVida Architecture & Design Studio
Design TeamMikael Slotte, Jonas Wagmo, Olga Tengvall, Waldemar Jansson, Erik Berndtsson, Leonardo Beccari, Mathias Wagmo
ClientClear Channel Sverige

When the suits move in with the coveralls, the contrasts were elevated to qualities A classic office, a warehouse, a bicycle workshop and a showroom for visualizing the company products in the cityscape. Clear Channel, a media company selling outdoor advertisement on billboards, adshels, digital screens and rental bikes, wanted to bring their different operations in Malmö and Copenhagen under one roof – a hangar in the industrial area of Sorgenfri, Malmö. We worked with the constituents of the city, to create authenticity for clients and for the coworkers to thrive and connect with each other. The vision for the project was for all the different functions; warehouse, workshop, showroom and office, to co-exist in a natural and obvious way. To create a place where coworkers, in their very different professional roles, meet and work together and a place for clients to understand the business behind the product. The fit-out was also to be enduring, flexible and never messy. A warehouse is, and should be, in constant change.