didar cafe

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm Locationtehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationtehran
CompanyShafiei design studio
Lead ArchitectAlireza Shafieitabar
Design Teampersiadoor part asia.co(Mohammadreza Arab Anvari)-Anahita Shariatmadari-alireza nasr
Clientmohsen beheshti

The main idea of "Didar Cafe" project is to keep the old space as intact as possible, and just add a modern concept to the building. Inspired by the idea of developing a transparent space for the audience to have a direct engagement with nature, the designer has tried to create an added value for the old building by turning its pool into a glass-enclosed cafe in a challenging attempt. The word "Didar", which means “visit” in Persian, suggests that the cafe wants its customers to enjoy a closer encounter with flowers, trees and the blue sky through the transparent windows of the place.