[Trahan Architects - Ochsner Center for Innovation - COVER IMG] Rendering by The Boundary

Ochsner Center for Innovation

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationNew Orleans, United States
CompanyTrahan Architects
Lead ArchitectAmanda Huhn
Design TeamTrey Trahan, FAIA, Brad McWhirter, AIA, Conner Bryan, James Babin, AIA, Shelby Downs, Robbie Eleazer, AIA, Jarri Hasnain, Michael Pryor, David Schneider
ClientOchsner Health System

The new Ochsner Center for Innovation will serve as the headquarters for innovation Ochsner (iO), an innovation group Ochsner formed in 2015. The Center will be a state-of-the-art collaboration space for Ochsner and its partners to develop, test, and implement innovative healthcare solutions with a focus on digital health, precision medicine and advanced analytics to shape the future of healthcare. In addition to iO staff workspaces, key components of the Center include: a makerspace, where new technologies can be created; a prototype lab, featuring a full-scale mock hospital room, waiting roo