MYRTHA POOLS High Rise Pools for SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences.

PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Outdoor Products
LocationCastiglione Delle Stiviere, Italy
CompanyMyrtha Pools
Lead DesignerAlessandro Orio and Luciano Turati

Myrtha Pools designed and built the elevated pools for SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences. The main pools lay slender along the 9th floor of the building and are accompanied by two spa pools. All project elements were pre-engineered for this exclusive project. Components were brought to the job site through service elevators thanks to the lightweight yet durable, modular Myrtha Pools stainless steel system. The pools of SLS Brickell are also seismic resistant and were installed with special panels featuring white PVC coating that improves sanitation and health conditions in pools.