Destination X

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Other Landscape Architecture
Firm LocationRoma, Italy
Project locationKAEC - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Lead ArchitectAhmed Zaidan
Design TeamNajlaa Ghazal, Pasquale Lorusso, Eugenio Moretti, Lorenzo Procaccini
ClientReom, King Abdullah Economic City Saudi Arabia

In the south part of KAEC, between the Bay La Sun Park and the Juman Pak, there is an incomplete built area for a residential building. The aim of the project is to give back to the citizens this piece of land offering a recreational landscape area with attractions and relax sheltered spaces where community could gather. The area is divided in 2 levels: in the below area took place the chilling area and the playground; while in the above area there are a food court, outdoor cinema, artwork and water features.