Paddington Integrated Project

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyWeston Williamson + Partners
Lead ArchitectSteve Bell
Design Team Rob Naybour
Project Videohttp://

The Paddington Integrated Project comprises a set of overlapping projects for different stakeholders on land to the north of Paddington station. These comprise a new taxi facility with ramped highway access, a new concourse for the London Underground station, a new entrance to the stations together with canal-side landscaping, a circulation core connecting platform and taxi levels and improvements to the platform environment and station facilities. The design is also future- proofed for a 14-storey over-site development above the LU station. The primary project generator was the need to relocate the taxi facility from the south side of Paddington station to make space to construct the Crossrail station. The recurring theme of this station has been the challenge of expanding an immensely busy station on a heavily constrained site. Due to fixed constraints elsewhere, this has only been possible in the land between the north of the station and the canal. PIP therefore presented an opportunity to bring the LU station up to operational and safety standards and to provide a new entrance alongside the taxi facility works. The PIP works are a demonstration of the value of genuine collaboration and a commitment to working closely together. On a difficult site and in a sensitive context the project has delivered an elegant design and met all the stakeholder objectives, has had a significant positive impact on station operation and the experience of station users, and has set the stage for future expansion. “The project is a major example of how a skilled architectural and engineering team can overcome challenges to deliver a significant work of architectural infrastructure. This is a showcase for British design in service of the public” - RIBA Award judges