Loom Shed For Amber Denim

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Industrial Buildings
Firm LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Lead ArchitectMd.Jubair Hasan
Design Team Nabi Newaz Khan Lutfullahil Mazid Tahmida Afroze
ClientAmber Group Bd.

Project Description: The evolution of the traditional houses throughout history has been a response to factors such as geography, climate, socio - cultural aspects, craftsmanship and materials. With these essences, rural architecture has remained unchanged, showing genuine sensitivity to nature and its elements, survived the passage of time. The project ‘Shuttle Loom Shade for Amber Denim’ was inspired from these traditional houses in Bangladesh sheltering ordinary people built by those with no architectural trainnings but are more concerned with fulfilling their needs and what was suitable for the climate. The building - placed within a natural setting located at a factory premise, at Gazipur, outskirts of Dhaka; having layout kept as simple and open as possible to house several Loom Machines, a Buyers’ Lounge, and Dining for workers, Prayer space, and toilets. Keeping the project’s cost low was a challenge which was worked out throughout its completion. As for running expenses, the introduction of a water body, bamboo screen, high ceiling and other vernacular elements substantially reduced electricity costs by eliminating the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting and makes the space cool and comfortable to work in. The main intention is ease of use and comfort. Most of the materials used here are by their very nature durable: concrete walls, handmade concrete roofing tiles, bamboo for screen and wall, neat cement finish floors, and are used in ways and places that allow them to show their wear and provide easy repair and replacement. This project is an attempt to achieve or address the contemporary idea of practice in recent period of time frame in the tropic under the domain of Traditional Modernism, following basic vernacular principles in design, using locally available materials, both natural and crafted, with modern amenities inside.