Winery In Chianti _ Italy

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Agricultural Buildings
Firm LocationMilano, Italy
CompanyIB Studio
Lead ArchitectBeatrice Bonzanigo & Isabella Invernizzi
Project Videohttp://

A new building to welcome the entire production of wine, from the grape to the bottle of Chianti Classico. Born from the embracing hill as it opens over the surrounding vineyards, the building harmoniously integrates with the aesthetics of the Tuscan landscape, sharing its poetry. Main facade is an arched stone wall that follows existing ground levels, with an overlook path on top. Production areas are all underground. The result is a hidden garden in between that hosts tasting and selling area in a glass pavilion. Main materials are white concrete, stones, burnished brass finishing and a selection of native and grass plants in purple, red and yellow tones. The garden will harbor a choice of special roses and climbing plants. The building hosts harvesting lay-by, fermentation, ageing, pressing & filtering, depots, packaging, tasting & selling areas, in addition to technical & service rooms and a warehouse for farm machineries. Few additional external paths connect entrances of the building with existing farm tracks. The winery it is mostly on one floor; internal heights were born respecting both functionality and the landscape itself. Structure in concrete and high tech hydraulic and mechanical systems complete building's strength. 1.000 sqm to be built in a private Property that already houses a deluxe Agriturismo.