Unitt Urban Living

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
Firm LocationBRAZIL, Brazil
CompanyBasiches Arquitetos Associados
Lead ArchitectJosé Ricardo Basiches
Design Team Ronaldo Shinohara
Project Videohttp://

The residential tower is composed of types of duplex apartments, and the starting point was the design and definition of a housing module 109 m2 with two suites. An important design decision was the orientation of the units for two will stay focused access road and another to only one side, so will avoid overlooking a cemetery next to the lot. We still have a module of 58 m2 with a suite and another of 167 m2 with three suites (a result of the junction between the unit 58 and 109 m2). The plant type of flooring has been crafted by a fitting match between the units in order to create a different rhythm on the facade. Voids appear as lookouts terraces. The basement of the tower houses the common recreational areas where walkways and spaces with different ceiling heights were created. Every indoor leisure area of the basement is a large green area between the front setback and rear setback in the pool, all integrated by glazing locks.