Needle of Liestal

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
Firm LocationBasel, Switzerland
CompanyArchbüro Bossard
Lead ArchitectB J Bossard
ClientStudie / Vision
Project Videohttp://

The project is the vision of a superslim residential tower. It shall contribute to the actual townplaning of Liestal, a small town near Basle, Switzerland. The area covers the new tainstation and its surroundings. In my oppinion that whole planing up to day is much too horizontal. It needs a real vertical choc. My tower stands on privat land next to the trainstation, has a Diameter of 17 meters and a hight of 182 meter. The Energie autark tower will have a so called termic fassade. A totally new interpretation of the house technics. See the project description and visualisations.