Marinilla Educational Park

PrizeGold in Architectural Design / Educational Buildings
Firm LocationBogota, Colombia
CompanyEl Equipo Mazzanti
Lead ArchitectGiancarlo Mazzanti
Design TeamAldo SiciliaCarlos MedellínEnrico PeriniJuan Manuel GilJuliana ZambranoManuela DangondMaria Sol EcheverriMilou TellingMohamed Al-ShafieNicolas ParisOlivier DambronPatricia GualterosYuli Velásquez Sebastián Negret
ClientGobernación de Antioquia

Marinilla educational Park is part of Antioquia´s former governor initiative of 80 educational parks for each town of the whole department. They are not common buildings for teaching, they are meant for teachers, that do a work that sometimes we forget and we pass as a stated career and we don´t try to update in pedagogycal issues they work and their big responsability in kids education. The main goal of the project is to provide the community of Marinilla with a space where their cultural identities can be expressed, recognized and most importantly can be promoted and preserved. This is a building conceived as an open space, where relevant traits of the paisa culture like gardening, planting, playing guitar, drinking coffee or simply rest on a hammock take place around classrooms that are constantly exposed to the town´s weather and natural environment. The educational park aims to become a meeting place around learning, defined as a practice based on the building of knowledge through the dialogue between people and the built and natural environments. The Marinilla project more than a building is a public space itself. It is a system conceived on the idea of growth and expansion capable of providing spatial opportunities to accommodate the needs and wants of future users.