Haus P

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture
Firm LocationStuttgart, Germany
CompanyYonder – Architektur und Design
Design TeamKatja Knaus, Benedikt Bosch, Leonhard Clemens, Felix Krummlauf
ClientFamily Paulick
Project Videohttp://

Haus P is a vacation home for a family of seven from Hamburg. The architecture is a nod to the traditional form of Allgäu mountain houses, illustrated with the shallow gabled roof and basement program. The building’s form derives from subtracting from the site’s maximum allowable volume. From this maximum envelope a slice is removed along the volume’s entire length. Two separate buildings emerge: a house and a storage shed. A protected courtyard occupies the zone in between. The outdoor stairs are covered by the building´s cantilevering interior staircase and the house’s rear facade is cut obliquely, providing visitors a protected exterior path to the house’s main door. Again a nod to traditional hayricks from the Allgäu which traditionally often show oblique facades. Inside an impressive and generous space results. In the residential level a large picture window provides a overwhelming view in the Landscape and into the mountains. Top floor and ground floor are linked by a living and dining room with gallery. A fireplace offers warmth and coziness. A loft for reclining and reading under the roof invites for relaxing. The garden floor overs a small sauna with Two stargazers windows provide a direct view of the sky. The Basement provides two bedrooms and a bath with sauna. The regional building material wood is selected for both the construction as well as the facade. The timber lining of the facades is flamed before assembly. This gives the wood a natural and environmentally friendly weather protection and the house a very unique, deep black appearance. In contrast, are the concrete walls of the basement. This forms the base for the overlying timber body.