Theatre Capsule

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Other Architecture
Firm LocationParis, France
Lead ArchitectLiu Ruifeng
Design TeamHan Daiqing, Feng Wubing, Rafael Ortiz
ClientSARL L2

Project Description Based on an inflatable capsule concept, the project is conceived as a temporary scenic space to be placed on water landscapes. This theater capsule is composed by a double-layer smart skin system capable to adapt to exterior environmental conditions and at the same time adjust to diverse interior programmatic and performance options. Providing to the visitors the experience of being immersed in a water landscape. In structural terms the double-layer skin is a self-portable system in which fabrics are the basic structural materials, absorbing tension stress in many directions and helping the distribution of forces on the entire surface. The exterior layer protects the interior from UV radiation and sunlight exposure and the interior layer includes interactive electronic audio visual systems and LED lighting systems to adjust to specific performance conditions. The skin is inflated through pressurized air and distributed into the surface by primary and secondary air flow system. The air contained in this double-layer cells keeps an optimal temperature on the interior and supports acoustic isolation in normal exterior conditions. On the other hand the fixation system is designed to facilitate interior and exterior air exchange providing air circulation on the interior space. The project is focused on the use of new flexible fabrics and materials through prefabrication techniques to create: space continuity, balance between functions and landscapes and reduce building's footprint impact through an integral design concept.