"centro Di Medicina" Private Clinic

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Healthcare Architecture
Firm LocationConegliano, Italy
CompanyMario Mazzer Architects
Lead ArchitectMario Mazzer
Design TeamMarco Da Ros, Gioia Visentin, Gianluca Moras
ClientImmobiliare Centro di Medicina S.r.l.

The project is an extension of a medical private clinic: the new volume is connected to the original one through a suspended glass walkway. The main focus of the project was to find solutions that promoted the physical and psychological comfort of operators and patients. The building has a dark appearance associated to a compact, stereometric and representative form. This monolithic volume is distinguished by the protruding staircase along the east facade, a plastic and dynamic element, an extruded body that runs diagonally across the surface. The solid and sculptural impression is strengthened by the choice of black color, played down by a crescendo of green foils that slightly protrude from the surface of the façades. This seemingly introverted box opens to the outside on the north side with an almost full height glass surface: the façade of the main entrance is a transparent screen that reveals the activities taking place inside the building. The architecture of the interior, with its backlit glass walls, stands in marked contrast to the solid and dark exterior. The building has been designed following a green concept that reduce the energy consumption of more than 50% with: - the crawl space in cellular glass, an excellent thermal insulator, produced by the recycling of glass; - the ventilated façade made of sandwich panels that allow to the air inside them to flow for a chimney effect in a natural way, improving thermo- energy performances; - the low-emissivity glass that prevents the escape of thermal radiation; - the LED lighting system; - the photovoltaic system with solar panels; - the recirculation of indoor air that allows a heat recovery up to 90%: a filters' system protects from bacterial invasion and provides healthy indoor air; - drop awnings to protect the building from solar radiation.