Torre San Pedro

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm Location, Mexico
CompanyRdlp Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectRodrigo de la Peña Larralde
Design TeamRamon Alvite, Manuel Arroyo

Located in the center of San Pedro Garza García, Monterrey the project comes in mutual agreement by the public and private sector that seek for a mixed use office building to be a potential urban detonator of the area. Upon the client’s request was to create a “pilot” project with a retail ground level that instigates the economic activities and triggers the revitalization of the neighboring urban areas. Torre San Pedro was required to mantain a connection with its context, grant an open space for both the residents, visitors and users of the building with different types of gardens and landscaping treatments that would invite the pedestrians to access the area and integrate with the local businesses.The proposed office building had to meet with 11,000 m2 of rentable area in which 500m2 are retail oriented located on the ground floor. Furthermore the building has three parking basement levels that sum up to a total of 557 parking spaces accounted for visitors and users. A 1 parking space for every 20m2 was accomplished in to meet with the accepting requirements of the governing code. The main influence in the design process were the strong bioclimatic issues that the project had to respond to. The north and south facades open to extraordinary views of mountains, while the east and west facades had to remain protected from the sun’s inclemency; in turn these blocks are given some inclination in order to add more dynamism and movement to the building while helping to reduce the solar exposure within the interiors of the building. Torre San Pedro’s design achieved a 90% rentable area, despite of having to meet with 500 parking spaces, where visitors and tenants had to be located in separate areas, a 100% increase in green areas was accomplished, placing the design option highly above the requirements implied by the municipality codes.