[Lycs Architecture - Renovation of Hangzhou Old Chemical Fiber Factory - COVER IMG] Looking from the Corridor to the “Little White Building” / Wu Qingshan

Renovation of Hangzhou Old Chemical Fiber Factory

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Heritage Architecture
Firm LocationHangzhou, China
CompanyLycs Architecture
Lead ArchitectHao Ruan

It contains two parts, the office and the city park. The construction area is 5,831sqm. The design aims to wake up the abandoned industrial buildings with modern design methods and building materials, so as to play a new role in the modern city while continuing the spatial memory of industrial relics and the heavy historical context.The design preserves the frame structure of the existing building with industrial relics. The original semi-arch material is retained on the roof of part of the building, and the building element with the characteristic of The Times is retained.