Cella Bar

PrizeGold in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture, Silver in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationFelgueiras, Portugal
CompanyFcc Arquitectura
Design TeamFernando Coelho, Ana Loureiro, Sérgio Silva, Luís Vieira
ClientFábio Matos

The building is the result of a regenerative transformation and expansion of a small pre-existing structure that had been abandoned for many years. The walls, roof and door frames have been restored, preserving the essential features of the original construction. The interiors were redesigned, shaped to their new roles (e.g. restaurant), and made compatible with current legal requirements. The new volume is a contemporary creation, exposed to a completely different language. It is an organic, dynamic construction that contrasts with the orthogonal, classical language of the building where it is embedded. The design is defined by great plasticity, both in terms of forms and materials, and is markedly inspired by the natural environment around the site. Several features of that environment are present in the architecture of the building, including the outline of the island, rocks, whales and wine casks. The new volume acts like a giant sculpture, tailored for its location.