Dusai Resort and Spa

PrizeSilver in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture
Firm LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
CompanyVitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd.
Lead ArchitectVITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd
Design Team Architects: Md. Ishtiaque Zahir, Iqbal Habib; Associated Architect: Nabila Aftab, Nabila Ali; Engineers: Tofazzel Hossain (Structure), Achintya Kumar Saha (Structure), Techno Consultant (Electrical); Contractor: Nasser Rahman (Client)
ClientNasser Rahman
Project Videohttp://

Harbored on the lap of serene green hillocks of tea plantation area in northeast Bangladesh, Moulovibazar, "Dusai Resort & Spa" is the first of its kind destination resort in the country. The complex exudes the essence of a tribal village with it's formation along the slope of hills.The program includes residential complex, dining, swimming pool, spa, conference and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities. In the residential complex, there is a main hotel block and individual bungalows. There are two types of Bungalows, cottages for families in a semi-private setting and deluxe cottages for couples in a more private setting. The linear site imparts an impression of a journey. Service amenities blend semi private and private zones. The aesthetics of the resort always prioritized nature over built structures. But above all the most important aspect of this resort is to let guests relish the essence of living within nature.