Shanghai Tower

PrizePlatinum in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture, Architectural Design of the Year
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Lead ArchitectDan Winey
Design TeamArt Gensler, Ben Tranel, Chris Chan, Dan Winey, David Glover, Dick Fencl, Fred Liu, Grant Uhlir, Hui Ling Hsieh, Jun Xia, Marshall Strabala, Michael Peng, Robert Price, Tanja Speckmann, Aleksandar Sasha Zeljic,Steve Weindel, Xiaomei Le
ClientShanghai Tower Construction and Development Corporation

As the tallest building in China Shanghai Tower, designed by Gensler, has had an immediate and profound impact on the country’s perceptions of how a skyscraper can contribute to a city, a country, and a culture. Not only does it rise over Shanghai as a new symbol for its modern emergence on the global stage, but also points the way forward for technical innovation accomplished within the parameters of a Chinese cultural identity. Powerful in form yet delicate in appearance, Shanghai Tower would be a graceful addition to any skyline, but its function, identify, and symbolism are firmly rooted in the needs of its specific site.