Cityringen Copenhagen Metro

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Transportation
Firm LocationLondon, United Kingdom
CompanyArup Associates
Lead ArchitectNille Juul-Sørensen
Design Team- Nille Juul-Sørensen - Anders Nøhr - Kristian Winther - Omid Nakhaei - Diana Hare - Jens Fugl - Stuart McClymoth
Project Videohttp://

Cityringen will form a new circle line running through the historic centre of Copenhagen and link to the existing Copenhagen Metro. The design aims to add value to the city, lending rhythm and poetry to the urban landscape, whilst continuing and developing the designs used for the existing phases of the metro. The Cityringen is characterised by a simple, unpretentious and functional style. Resulting in a harmonious and restrained aesthetic, this minimalist design approach extends beyond the stations’ architecture to encompass the whole underground railway experience: from the surrounding city landscape to the details of station fittings and finishes. By applying this coherent design language to every detail of the transport environment the new metro line will integrate seamlessly into the fabric of Copenhagen. The design and planning of the stations is based on a design language that includes every single item in the public space. A high level of finish is critical to achieve an integrated, cohesive design. The stations at Cityringen are located in different urban surroundings and the station areas need to address a diverse range of city spaces from busy traffic junctions to calm parks and historic urban settings. The station areas and architectural treatment of the station elements at ground level reflect this diversity with visual variations and cladding materials selected to relate to the local area. The journey and the identity of Cityringen starts at street level. The experience of daylight in the stations is an important feature that will be used to enhance the architectural quality of the stations. Natural light is optimised through the selection of materials with different reflective properties and attention to geometry and detail.