House Rheder

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Residential
Firm LocationDüsseldorf, Germany
CompanyFalkenberg Innenarchitektur
Lead ArchitectFalkenberg Innenarchitektur
Project Videohttp://

"Living in the natural Enviroment“ A 75 m² weekend house with flexible spatial arrangements. Project Name: House Rheder, Germany Design: Falkenberg Innenarchitektur Completion: 2015 The floating spacial sculpture in the park In a time when there are more questions than answers, more choice than decisions and more opportunities than hours per day, there is a great risk to succumb to haste. The new challenge of our everyday lives today is to omit the unimportant and give the essential more space. To feel connected with nature is an integral part of our lives. It gives us peace and support, space for thoughts and grounding in the hectic pace of our age. Through simple observations and the mechanisms of action the old but newly rediscovered human desire for naturalness, simplicity and clarity has been embraced in the architecture of House Rheder. The perceptibility of different lighting scenes, the visualization of natural colours, shapes and movements in the design of the house is simultaneously the means and the intent of our design. The moment in which the early morning light breaks through the window and awakes one; when sunspots dance on the floor and walls in the afternoon; and the evening sun, which streams onto the terrace during after work drinks, is more valuable than any designer piece. - The reflection of clouds on the water surface and the natural environment on a smooth surface is the most beautiful and animated decoration. - The transitions between indoor and outdoor space, the immediate experience of the seasons and elements replace any home theater. - The sound of the wind in the trees, the chirping of a bird or the hum of a bee colony is more precious than any high-tech sound system. - Timeless natural materials that age with dignity like the Elmwood flooring tell stories, create memories and endow identity. Minimized surface arrangements in conjunction with flexible transparent walls create a maximized spacious feeling. Hidden sliding walls offer, when needed, the desired intimacy, places of rest and retreat. The goal of our architecture is (according to the model of nature), to unite the harmony and consensus of the single parts with the big picture and thus to experience true points of reference, sensuality and meaningfulness.