Unlimited Boundary , Infinite Vision

PrizeGold in Interior Design / Public Spaces
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectKris Lin

This is a building renovation project, redesigned the architecture elevation and interior. This is the public which offers interaction, waiting for, thinking, meditation, appreciation and breakthrough. The purpose is for the communication and amalgamation between people, people and architectural and people with nature, attempting to integrate interior, architectural and landscape the three elements together. Total integration is the core value of the design of this people. . It is also a rebuilding project. All the existing elevations and the partitions of the building are removed keeping intact the structure. Everything is newly designed which offers an opportunities to break the boundary of interior, architecture and landscape. [Unlimited Boundary] Breaking the boundary between interior, architectural and landscape, breakthroughing the above three and offer the concepts that the above three elements are designed individually by three companies which realize the combination of the three: interior, architectural and landscape. The building adopts frameless glass window, with the landscape pool extending into the interior area and the interior marble wall extending to the exterior wall of the building. The Bridge goes through the building exterior wall and the pool, ending in the landscape grassland, which is continuously interlocked and breaks the boundary. [Infinite Vision] Focusing on the interior design, we hope every space or corridor could be integrated with the nature. So the wall design is pure and individual and massive landscapes could be seen through the frameless glass, combine the interior design and landscape, great view can be seen in any angle from any angle of the interior space.