[Zephyr(us) Architects P.C. - Visitor Center of Baotou Park - COVER IMG] Photo by Yaoli Studio

Visitor Center of Baotou Park

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Recreational Architecture
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBaotou, China
CompanyZephyr(us) Architects P.C.
Lead ArchitectChing-Chyi Yang
Design TeamDesign Team:Jay Leong/Yong Zhang/Ekaggrat Kalsi;LDI:YUANGOU Architects & Consultants; Interior Design:Beijing INFIISPACE design co., LTD.; Landscape Design:ZAP Associates; Lighting Design: LEUCHTE
ClientVanke Baotu: Zhenfei Chang/ Vanke Taiyuan: Deqiang Wang/Jin Ma

The project is in Baotou - a Prairie city at the foot of Yinshan Mountain. What Baotou city lacks is not green space, but a park with temperature - friendly to people, with open spaces to gather and communicate. The starting point of the design is to create spaces accommodating recreational activities and provide interaction opportunities for the public. The Park’s natural environment is integrated with various leisure activities through the design of visitor center and its surrounding landscape.