Green Places Community Clubhouse

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Public Spaces
Firm LocationKaohsiung, Taiwan
CompanyChain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Lead ArchitectKENG FU LO

We see a building as a life. There are different designs in every floor. It breaks the tradition and contradiction of a design of architecture. However, it unifies the whole design. The sense of unification comes after the contradictions of design. It shows deep concern of design. Horizontal extension and visual extension make the space extent without limitation. The outlook contains the deep concern of design. Use of continuous glass windows, break the barriers of space boundaries, the natural into the room, creating links within and outside. Variety of surface as different height, provides more fun and attract people walking in and seeing inside; you will not feel at home or in the building environment, because you integrate with the environment and into the crowd, which is what we do in this clubhouse. Gym vision also generate links with the outdoor landscape. Yoga class, kitchen, leisure farm, a variety of spatial behavior generated here, link the different age groups, to create communication and interaction. Clubhouse is a place for residents in this community to gather together in their leisure time. One's relationship with nature could be easily affected by the concordance and harmony between the architecture and environment. Therefore, our design emphasizes not only comfortable indoor environment but also natural outdoor environment. In addition to fulfilling residents' need for dining, reading, exercising and teaching and learning, it should also provide a comfortable environment for residents to socialize with their neighbors. However, the most important design concept of all is our expectation to provide residents in this community with a sense of belonging and happiness. Through the concept of co-prosperity and coexistence with natural environment, you could enjoy the wonderful living experience from the specially designed architecture which combined with air, water and sunshine from nature.