Light From The Universe

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Public Spaces
Firm Locationsheung wan, Hong Kong
CompanyOft Interiors Ltd.
Lead ArchitectCM Jao & Ken Cheung
Design TeamCM Jao & Shanny Cheung
ClientCinecity IMAX

Meteorite stones travel around the universe quietly, they become meteors when crashing into the atmosphere of the Earth and burning, it is one of many tide turning scenes in the world. A series of poster screens decorated with white wooden strips finish are located within white stony looking tiles, it is such a disciplinal environment at the entrance, then here comes the amazing part when entering, which is the feature ceiling with massive layers of bronze coloured ornaments that glitters in front of audiences’ eyes, as well as the counter with same coloured metal pieces features on below. The layering and the radial appearance of the feature ceiling in addition with its lighting, the beams of light that are projected from the sky are being envisaged. The confrontation between top and bottom has been extended into the VIP room too, the sandblasted finished ceiling with both straight and curvy features also confronts with the simple and soft looking fabric finished columns and Corian counters underneath.