Dulwich Hill Residence

PrizeGold in Interior Design / Rooms and Zones
Firm LocationSydney, Australia
CompanyCplusc Architectural Workshop
Lead ArchitectClinton Cole
Design TeamChristina Cheng
ClientJodie O'Callaghan

The Dulwich Hill clients sought the expertise of an architect to update their existing home to better accommodate a young family when they learned they were expecting triplets. With the family size set to change dramatically and the budget unable to expand with it, it became important to optimise the functionality of every square millimetre. Spaces that are secondary to primary spaces are often get overlooked, but in this project they were investigated thoroughly throughout the design process to explore what value they might provide for the occupants. The ‘Study Nook’ located under the stairwell is an example of the innovative thinking required to deliver a successful outcome for this project. The under stair space was converted into a retreat along the common circulation space, aptly named the Study Nook. The western red cedar lined nook with concealed LED lighting becomes a place to sit, relax or escape for kids and adults alike. This space is designed to adapt to new functions as the family grows and changes over time. The form and design intent of the Study Nook is echoed in the design of the laundry and bathroom pod located off the main living area. This configuration enabled laundry tasks to be celebrated rather than banished to a hidden space in the home. As evidenced in the design of the Study Nook, the everyday routine of the family was flipped upside down to create fun, creative spaces.