Diyar Media Studio

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm Location, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
CompanyReNa Design
Lead ArchitectReza Najafian
Design Team Mina Nazmjou, Ehsan Marvi, Mohamad Hosein Hamzehlouei, Maryam Najafian
ClientEhsan Delaviz
Project Videohttp://

A fantasy based on a dream of the artist client and fond of Iranian traditional ornaments; plus a contemporary expression of these ornaments, formed the dynamic, fluid and elegant membrane over the disharmonic and inappropriate existing wall. A place where is supposed to host special people like Iranian artists. Intuitive peace matched up with visual excitement and simplicity of the space despite the complexity of the geometric elements, creates a great experience both for the client and the guests. The main elements derived from the masterpieces of traditional architecture have combined with contemporary design and fabrication. Special attention to details in all aspects have been highly expected. Therefore, aesthetics, functionality and facilities have been dealt with particular delicacy. This has gone as far as designing smallest of the elements, for instance; air conditioner outlets have been uniquely designed to follow the algorithm of the whole architecture. Natural and artificial light play a vital role in the quality of the project and the exuberance in lighting would answer the user’s expectations. Flooring correspondence to user’s sense of tactile would emphasize on the feeling of sincerity and perception of friendliness in the chat room. The project construction process happened within 63 days on a full 24 hours basis. Walls with parametric patterns are made of 220 parts of dense XPS and EPS panels in different sizes, assembled on site. To obtain the desired Resistance a cement based coating was sprayed on the walls. Soon after the exsiccation; sanding and burnishing was operated with a special primer and finally a finishing of plaster was added on the surface. Final colour coating is a finishing of polyurethane and black/white dye. Subspace arrangements, furnishing and facilitating has been flexibly designed, concerning the client needs. Designed seats, desks and other furniture were designed in harmony with other elements of the architecture. Their translucency also helped their float and settlement in the space in a way that the user can benefit subtle sound & medium systems.