[UNITEDLAB Associates LLC - Hadohilljo Townhouse - COVER IMG] Hadohilljo Townhouse with the Red Line, Communal Corridor / Youngchae Park

Hadohilljo Townhouse

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture - Multi Unit
Firm LocationLong Island City, United States
CompanyUNITEDLAB Associates LLC
Lead ArchitectSang Dae Lee
ClientDaeae Development

This village is composed of a community center, 48 single residences, parks, and amenities in Jeju Island, S-Korea. 4 unit types will be orchestrated with the sea. Pocket parks connect shared units, and the main corridor connects each home. Simple geometries and lightness define the domicile. An array of windows introduces daylight into space while framing select views. The vertically stacked structure efficiently minimizes the occupied footprint while allowing all units to enjoy the ocean vista. *Social Sustainability, Farm Land, Community Development, Livability, Affordability, Placemaking