Emardental Clinic

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationPalma De Mallorca, Spain
Project Videohttp://

This project for Emardental Clinic plays with the dialogue of two types of environments that reflect the values of the clinic. On the one hand, the public area: waiting room, reception and transit areas. A warm, welcoming and winding space with an oak finish of soft tones and curved lines; a space that intuitively guides the patient into the circulation and accompanies him while waiting; a smooth and soft lighting filtered through wooden slats. On the other hand, the work areas: treatment rooms, operating theaters, sterilization, laboratory and offices. Accurate, technological and pristine spaces; technical, cartesian and resistant materials easy to clean; spaces reassuring to remember the rigor and accuracy of the work they do here; with a perfectly designed lighting to maximize light efficiency without creating shadows or glare, combining the natural light filtered through Krion slats, the backlit textile ceiling and spot lighting in specific areas.