Artificial Topography

PrizeSilver in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationKawasaki, Japan
Lead ArchitectRyumei Fujiki + Yukiko Sato
Design Team+Fujiki Studio, KOU::ARC
ClientKobe Biennale Committee

1_Seamless Soft Plastic Space like a Cave: This is the award-winning project that granted the Grand Prize of Art in Container International Competition in KOBE Biennial, Japan. Our idea is to hollow out the volume inside a container in order to build amorphous space like a cave. This “Artificial Topography” is made of only plastic material. About 1000 sheets of the soft plastic material of 10-mm thickness were cut down in contour line form, and were laminated like a stratum. This is not only art work but also one big furniture. Because all the portions are soft like a sofa, and person who enter into this space can relax by finding the place suitable for the form of its own body. 2_As The Nature-oriented Architecture: We are a great interest in nature especially the system of nature. Seven years ago, the exhibition “Aqua-scape: The Nature-oriented Architecture of Ryumei Fujiki” held in England. In the exhibition, a lot of experimental architectural projects in each category that we obtained the inspiration from NATURE such as “Solar” , “Air” , ” Water” , ” Ground” ,“Crystal” , “Biological” , “Flower” , and “Aurora” were exhibited. Because these aimed to approach “Nature” more closely, it was named “Nature-oriented Architecture”. And therefore, this “Artificial Topography” is the recent project of the Nature-oriented Architecture as “Ground” category.