Origami-Space Definition

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Exhibition
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectKris Lin

Origami,known as "craft origami", is a kind of art activities by folding the paper into various shapes.It is not only challenging but also can inspire thinking. The commen folding technique of Origami is "mountain" (mountain is convex crease) and "valley"(valley is concave crease).A simple piece of paper can be created into a rugged visual aesthetic and demonstrate the effect of realistic three-dimensional space,after being carefully canceived and craft folded, as well as integratedly using the techniques of mountain and valley. Design ideas: Throughout the design, we apply a new layout idea that runs through the whole series from all the different spaces,while defines the spaces,to achieve the beauty of the overall shape, instead of using traditional ways of thinking and the idea of dividing the region through the solid wall(The limited space would be cut into small and scattered pieces,therefore,the external overall look is messy.) .This is our idea of origami art. 1. The definition of space: Firstly,origami encloses a lobby space; then use valley once to surround an auditorium,which will make it looks like an egg.Meanwhile,along the direction of origami, skillfully positioned out a sale control reception by using the valley,an then followed by a sand table through spatial rotation and reception hall through lines rolling……The jagged shape of origami (on the ground - wall - top - floor - wall) is well-spaced placed in the square glass box with different regions . 2. Space Sculpture overall aesthetic: Watching the interior from the outside of HD transparent glass box,you will find a giant sculpture craft formed by well-spaced functional area modules in the box.A kind of visual beauty comes from the scattered distribution and smooth convergence .