Times Square Diner

PrizePlatinum in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Lead ArchitectAntonio Di Oronzo
Design TeamMasashi Kobayashi
ClientTimes Square Diner

Times Square Diner is a new casual dining venue in the heart of Manhattan, by... Times Square.The design intent is to offer softness and warmth through colors and materials, the familiarity of a living room. The green linen- clad system floats below the ceiling and in front of the walls and offers light and shadow in curvilinear forms, delicately. The background material is wood, and it covers all walls and ceiling [behind the suspended green linen system]. The expected brightness of a diner is delivered here, and, at once, balanced by the layering of systems which behave in a delicate, asymptotic dance... to offer a fluid narrative of space and light. The client requested a venue that was modern but warm, recognizable as a diner while transcending the expected sterile and unadorned environment of this kind of establishment. We opted for simplicity delivered through details, both formal and tactile. The forms are deep to allow for light to hide and reappear elsewhere, for space to encounter new lightness.