Mini Punjab

PrizeGold in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationMUmbai, India
CompanyStudio K-7
Lead ArchitectKetan Jawdekar
Design Team Elham Mirza Ismail
ClientMr. Jagwani

Restaurant décor is a highly challenging area of design. The aesthetics chosen need to appeal to the patrons and stay fresh and interesting over time. The client’s brief therefore needs to be understood thoroughly and adapted sensitively to the décor. The main challenge was to address the odd shape of this outlet. Position of services imposed kitchen area to be restricted in designated position. Creating a fine dining experience with odd shape volume and with a penny budget was a driving force as designers went back to their drawing board. Very often, Indian restaurants use Indian motifs and design elements in the décor. Here, the designers have attempted to take out the essence of rural India resulting use of local materials and objects to be woven into the contemporary fabric. The relief was given by way of using modern elements like mirror and polished granite. An engaging play of light and shade – with a cleverly designed lighting pattern enhances the divine experience generated through organic components. The most important design decision was to use indigenous and local material keeping in mind the North Indian context. Cane sticks closely woven together clad walls and the ceiling wrapping the whole space together. Cement particleboard used in raw form for the partitions and the walls comes as a rescue element for other wise a monotonous interior. Central seating is enhanced by the ceiling of hanging Kullhads (earthen pots) that flow over the bar section. Cleverly used mirror behind bar counter and the buffet counter multiples and enhance the interesting angles of space that otherwise would have been eyesore. The overall theme gives an international look to the restaurant and encourages even the expats to step in and experience the regional cuisine.