Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm Locationmilan, Italy
CompanyRita Cattaneo
Clientalpen rose srl
Project Videohttp://

60 bedrooms, 4 stars family hotel situated in the proximity of Monte Rosa, in the heart of the Italian Alps, inhabited by ancient population Valser whose tradition heavily influenced the project of this hotel. The traditional buildings are normally grouped in small clusters with the main side facing the valley, usually south facing to maximise sun exposure throughout the year. Being the buildings closed to each other also help in reducing heating loss and to increase protection from the wind. The local way of dwelling across the past centuries in this valley based itself on proximity and the extensive use of local materials like wood and stones. This has left a strong legacy that encourages respect and preservation of these values both in managing existing buildings or in the development of new ones. All the above were leading elements within the underlining philosophy of my project. PROJECT The project consists of 4 buildings, 3 three-story chalets for the guests' bedrooms and a single floor main building that includes all utilities. The 4 buildings are interconnected by enclosed walking galleries. All the units face Mont Rosa which is the main natural attraction. The choice of subdividing the space in several buildings allows a better contextualisation and respect of the landscape which values, in my opinion, should be strongly preserved.