Alpine Restaurant Schmiedhof Alm

PrizeBronze in Architectural Design / Hospitality Architecture, Bronze in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationDornbirn, Austria
CompanyARSP ZT GmbH
Lead ArchitectFrank Stasi and Albert Rüf
Design Team Rike Kress, Andreas Dirnberger, Bernhard Wachter, Gonzalo Cieza, Caroline Volz, Franziska Abler
ClientSchmiedhof Alm GmbH
Project Videohttp://

The Schmiedhof Alm Restaurant lies in the exclusive exclusive Zell am See Ski region of Austria, 1,720 meters above sea level. In the course of of a single generation, the new owners of the the Schmiedhof Alm have managed to create one one of the finest restaurants in the area. In an effort to make the restaurant truly world world class, a complete renovation of the old old building was required. The appearance of the new building combines traditional style with a strong contemporary architectural architectural influence. The concept is based based around the careful addition of volumes in a range of forms: a classically styled timber timber ski hut with a pitched roof was placed placed on top of the existing basement. The additional monolithic concrete element, binds binds the building to the surrounding mountains mountains. The perforation or openings of the building followed followed two basic principles: The windows of of the concrete basement level and the monolith monolith were pressed inwards to intensify the the immense sense of mass of these elements. In contrast, the panoramic windows of the timber timber construction are pushed outwards, as if if parts of the inside are trying to peer out. The resulting booths offer a unique view view of the ‘Grossglockner’ mountain. The food and drink service takes place in the the elongated timber structure as well as in the the outdoor terraced area, each supporting up up to 200 skiers at once. For customers, the column column-free guest area provides and open feel feel, with easy access to all areas. The large, highly insulted windows are a complex complex solution that creates both spatially effective effective elements, and additional seating niches niches. High quality KLH panels were mounted on brackets before being covered with felt to to provide the seating. Overall the guests can enjoy a complete package package of stylish architecture with a homely homely atmosphere, culinary delicacies with excellent excellent service and fantastic views of the surrounding surrounding mountains.