Club Mascara

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationSofia, Bulgaria
CompanyStudio Mode
Lead ArchitectSvetoslav Todorov
ClientLabirint 2008 LTD
Project Videohttp://

This is a story of the missing chapter of Alice in Wonderland. A story about finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes… Everyone is the actor and the spectator. DJ is the director. MODE is the composer. MASCARA is the grand scene. Club MASCARA is an emblematic spot in the history of night life in Sofia. Situated in the Underground level of the National Opera and Ballet. We were inspired by the idea of the opera, as an art - the decors, the scene, the costumes. We created a scene for the night life. We were back to the basic perception of black and white, as in the book of Alice. Every story has a dark and bright side and something special in between. We managed to catch the mysticism of this transition and freeze it into one endless moment. The floor plan is metaphorically divided by the central bar into two parts – the scene, where everyone wants to be a player, and the VIP zone, where the spectators are hiding behind the privacy of dimmed light, dark color range textures and upholstery. The white curved wainscoting was our interpretation of perfect décor for a scene, where any play of the night life can be held. In contrast to the curved, soft shapes, we implemented triangular patterns for the floor and the ceiling, emphasizing how their contradictory natures can coexist. In the end our interior project represents the ideal of the theatrical and artistic part of every person in our society. Curved furniture, lamps, walls, creating a visual illusion and a fictional world. Every motive and detail has the purpose to distort your imagination and perception. With less than no intervention, in the original contour and givens of the space, we managed to mask it in a perfect balance, between materials, textures, art and aesthetics.