Rico Spanish Dining

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationTokyo, Japan
CompanyDoyle Collection Co. Ltd.
Lead ArchitectAiji Inoue
ClientGreen House Foods Co., Ltd.

Spanish Dining・Rico faces the sunken garden located on the first basement floor of Shinjuku Mitsui Building in Japan. This area seems to be abounding in businessmen, yet there are wide category range of people such as overnight guests from neighbor hotels and tourists. That was, we started off with the layouts. Bar counter occupies the entrance making an organic curve to direct the flow of customers and guides them passing through the lively open kitchen to their seats. Feeling this casual yet extraordinary atmosphere non-stop will shift their emotions blending with the restaurant’s mood. Designs associate with the cities of Spain. We changed the designs for each area in the restaurant. Common concept is ”Tradicional e Imprevisto” which is, “traditional and unexpected”, in other words, “tradition and unpredictable”. And the ratio is ”tradition 8:unpredictable2”. We together with our client decided this rule (the ratio), and have achieved a successful outcome. Each city in Spain presents a different face. This indeed is the Spain. We actually visited Spain and brought back our inspiration to form these designs. If we should call these designs original, we have prepared the following story to create each area. That is, “By observing tradition from generation to generation, will preserve the tradition and at the same time will generate the owner’s avocation and identity. And this new usage will bring other unexpected arranges”. We were able to make a sense of unity in spite of creating various scenes in one restaurant. By connecting the exotic feelings from the originals and our present moment designs lead to this success.