Hyatt Regency Montreal Lobby and Bar

PrizeBronze in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyVirserius Studio
Lead ArchitectTherese Virserius
ClientHyatt Regency Montreal/Pandox
Project Videohttp://

The Hyatt Montreal lobby and bar were created to be the heart and anchor in the vast space of the hotel. We started by relocating the bar from the back corner to the center of the space and wrapping it around the stair leading down to all the function spaces for the hotel. In the bar, the counter surface rounds the edge and dips down creating seating. The monolithic size is broken up by material so the top seems to float and take on a more sculptural appeal. Above the bar, the ripple effect created by large rings constructed in the ceiling aesthetically breaks up the flatness of the surface but also frames and highlights our custom lighting sculpture. The large installation of clustered cloud-like shapes is lit by LED fixtures. These features make the bar the hub of activity and centerpiece, as other spaces in the lobby radiate around it and seamlessly shift into each other. This creates a natural movement without sharp separation between distinct spaces. The hotel encourages community while also enjoying some of the best people watching on the property. As patrons continue into the space, the plush vibrant seating becomes lower and loungier.