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Building renovation for Youth Space in Valladolid

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Restoration & Renovation
Firm LocationValladolid, Spain
CompanyArias Garrido Arquitectos SLP
Lead ArchitectJavier Arias Madero, Susana Garrido Calvo
Design TeamBeatriz Fernández García, Alberto López del Río, Lara Redondo González, Mª Eugenia Ruiz Heras (architects); Chucho Nieto (graphic artist)
ClientAyuntamiento de Valladolid

The Youth Space of Northern Valladolid is located in a former social building from the 1960's, where The City Council decides to locate an infrastructure intended for youngsters that allows them to meet, study, attend concerts, conferences, etc. It’s a place for culture, music and art. On the outside, the building is given a new metallic “coat” that increases its insulation. Inside, the absence of cladding brings back a “raw” look, translating into a simple and sustainable intervention. The collaboration of a graphic artist powers the idea of the building as a creative support.